The Death of Diana

The Death of Diana
31 August 1997

I’d been thinking about colour yesterday
How to mix and match.
Then D. phoned
It was 4.00 she said,
They pronounced her dead.
“I’m scared; my name’s the same.
That man in Turkey
He saw it in my coffee cup.”
 Opaque screen; this is London.
In the faces in the crowd
A child clutches a rag doll
With a stitched-on smile.

What are they going on about?”
Pipers, criss-crossing; lilies piled by railing,
What time’s lunch?”
“You’re sitting on my magazine”
“Shut up Emily.”

Montage: We had our honeymoon in France.
Got drunk on Chateau-neuf-du-Pape,
Read John Fowles and P.D. James in bed.
“They’ve cancelled Noel’s house-party
”Is that the Eiffel Tower?”
“Can we go through the tunnel?”

How could she understand?
She’d never been in the space
Between dinner and breakfast.


Printed in an anthology produced by students on a course with the Arvon Foundation in 1997 which started the day after the death of Diana, Princess of Wales.