Conversation on the Bus

Conversation on the Bus

You still at the Revenue then Lil?

Yes, Oh yes.

You’re still there then?

Not long now though.

You must have been there a while. When do you finish then?

Couple of months.

Is that all?

Yes. Funny really.

How many years is it then?

Forty three.

Is that woman still there – you know the one?

Yes she’s still there. She moved upstairs though

Oh did she. Gone from where she was then?


She was a funny woman. Stuck up I always thought.

Yes she was.

Always had a bit of a feel for herself that one. Ever so la di da.

Yes. I always used to think that about her.

What about Jim. Is he still there?

Oh no he’s gone.

Has he? When did he go then?

He went just after Christmas.

He must be getting on.

He must be coming up to seventy.

I’d say even more than that.

She must be sixty-six or sixty seven.

His missus – she must yes.

I’d say he was more than seventy.


I’d say so.

I’d say he was even coming up to seventy two or seventy three.

You’re probably right.

What does he do with himself then?

He gets out and about

Does he?

Post Office and that. Down the pub.

I saw him the other day doing a bit of shopping.

He’s all right then.

What are you going to do then Lil?

When I finish you mean?


Haven’t really thought about it.

Plenty of time.


Not long though really.


Has it all been worth it? All that time?

Not really.

What would you have done if you hadn’t done that?

Don’t know. Something else I suppose.